27 August 2007 @ 08:46 pm
Title: Rebound
Author: colorless_landscape
Fandom: Asian music
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Toshiya (Dir en grey)/JJ Lin, mentions of past Toshiya/Die (Dir en grey) and JJ Lin/Huang Yida
Rating: NC-17
Length: one-shot, 2065 words
Warning(s): yaoi
Summary: Totchi and JJ have both been through a lot, and have always been there for each other. What better way for a gay man to thank his gay best friend than a soft, sweet, perfectly innocent kiss?
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them, much to my dismay :P
Author's Note: This is all Sel-chan's fault. She demanded pr0n. *nodnods*; loosely based on an Asian entertainment RPG where I rp Toshiya to [livejournal.com profile] duntuchdakei's JJ Lin.

Three weeks. It had been three weeks, almost to the day, since Totchi had put Die on the plane home for his grandmother’s funeral, not a clue in the world that his boyfriend wasn’t planning on coming back. The first week, he’d been hurt and confused. By the second week, hurt and confusion had given way to anger and betrayal. Over the past week, even that had faded, and Totchi had made a pact with himself to stop dwelling in the past and torturing himself over it.

His first step towards that end had been moving out of the apartment they’d shared for the past four months. By a chance of Fate... Totchi refused to call it Luck because of the circumstances… his best friend was in a similar situation, except that JJ’d had a little more warning than Totchi had since Yida had only been there on a one-year exchange type program, anyway. Totchi moving in with JJ had been a logical move. They were already best friends, and there was no sense in the both of them living alone and moping about in empty apartments when they could share one and at least have a companion. Besides, misery loves company, right? Right.

Totchi glanced up at the man whose shoulder his head was resting on as they watched television. Or the television set was on, at any rate, not that they’d really been watching it. Up until a few minutes ago, they’d been talking… they’d done a lot of that this week. He wasn’t exactly sure when or how they’d first taken to cuddling like this when talking or watching television or a movie, but it just felt like the right thing to do… safe, secure, both comfortable and comforting. So here he was, snuggling on the couch with his best friend, neither of them clad in any more than a pair of boxers. Why bother? It wasn’t like either of them were shy… and especially not around each other, never had been… and they did share a room, anyway. AND it was their apartment, so it wasn’t like anyone else was around to see, anyway, except the five cats they had between them.

On impulse, Totchi reached up to cup JJ’s face, turning it towards him. JJ gave him a questioning look, but before he could voice the question in his eyes, Totchi was leaning up to brush his lips against JJ’s, because… well, just because it seemed like the natural thing to do. What better way for a gay man to thank his gay best friend than a soft, sweet, perfectly innocent kiss?

That was the plan, anyway. Which lasted right up until their lips actually touched. JJ gasped at the sudden intimate contact, but made no move to pull away. Totchi took advantage of the parted lips, slipping his tongue past them to explore and tease. JJ made a slight whimpering noise, tightening the arms he’d had draped loosely around Totchi’s waist. That slight movement, trying to move them closer, somehow, if that was even possible, was invitation enough for Totchi. They’d been tempting and teasing each other, literally, for months, but had never acted on it out of respect for one another’s relationships.

The hand he’d rested on JJ’s cheek slid upwards, tangling into soft, dark hair, as much to anchor himself as to hold the other man to him. They’d ordered in pizza for dinner, neither or them being gifted with cooking skills. JJ tasted of tomato sauce, and basil and oregano and other spices, and of the chocolate chunk cookies Totchi had picked up at a nearby bakery earlier in the day that they had been snacking on while “watching television”… and some other indefinable taste that was uniquely JJ. Loathe to break the kiss, Totchi contented himself for the moment with letting his free hand roam over JJ’s bare torso, fingers skittering over warm flesh, each touch a learning experience as he found each new sensitive spot.

Totchi’s breath hitched when he felt JJ’s hands start to move on him. Even with his eyes closed, he could feel the difference between the JJ’s touch and Die’s, and not just because Die’s hands had been rougher from playing his guitar. Even the way they touched him was different. But that didn’t matter just now.

Now was about touching, tasting, learning each other. Which was exactly what Totchi was doing. Eventually breaking away from the kiss, he somehow managed to divest himself of his own boxers, sending, with a bit of help from JJ, the other man’s boxers onto the floor as well shortly after them. Hands and lips seemed determined to cover every available inch of JJ he could reach as he shifted, moving to straddle JJ’s thighs, one hand finally sliding between them to wrap around the other man’s cock.

JJ moaned loudly, practically melting from Totchi's fingers. Moving purely on instinct, he rolled his hips upwards, pushing himself further into Totchi's hand. Determined to repay Totchi in kind, he ran his fingertips lightly up the other's shaft, pausing when he reached the top to run his thumb teasingly across the tip. And, just to see what sort of reaction it would get, he leaned in to nibble along Totchi's jawline, tongue teasing the soft, smooth skin.

Totchi couldn’t have held back his moan if he’d tried. Should have known JJ would find his biggest weakness straightaway. Arching up into JJ's hand, Totchi tilted his head to allow him more access, even as he gasped out between shaky, hitching breaths, his voice hoarse and deepened with desire, "Want you... need you." Okay, so maybe it wasn’t exactly coherent, but it got the main point across.

Seeing as his mouth was somewhat otherwise occupied at the moment with moving slightly lower only to lick its way back up Totchi’s neck back to his jawline, JJ could only reply by giving Totchi's cock a few firm, sure strokes with one hand as he reached between the couch cushions with the other. A rather unusual place to keep condoms, but well...that was just JJ, always prepared for anything and everything, anywhere, anytime. Pulling one out, he easily opened it with one hand.

Totchi wasn't surprised at all when JJ reached between the cushions. He’d known JJ long enough by now to know to expect the unexpected, and that if it involved sex, JJ was always ready, willing, and prepared.

An involuntary thrill of excitement ran through Totchi on hearing the package opening, manifesting itself in shivers of delight, his body knowing what was coming soon, just from that sound alone. He had begun a firm, steady rhythm interlaced with running his thumb across the tip of JJ's cock in at varying intervals, though his rhythm faltered at the sound.

Totchi scattered kisses along JJ's jawline to his ear. Leaning in closer, so that his lips fairly brushed against JJ's ear as he spoke, Totchi whispered, "Now... please" he added.

JJ’s breath caught for a moment from Totchi's hand's work, and his own hands trembled a bit. So caught up in everything was he, back arching as Totchi whispered against his ear, that he almost missed the actual words.

No teasing? Well, he could live with that. JJ nodded and found Totchi's neck again with his lips - and teeth, this time - and pulled Totchi's hand from him with his own so he could put on the condom.

Totchi was already practically writhing under JJ's ministrations, his body feeling like it was going to melt into JJ’s. And then he did almost melt into the couch, loud moan coming from him as JJ's teeth grazed across a particularly sensitive spot on his neck.

JJ finished putting the condom on and, somehow, between kisses and bites, managed, "Whenever you're ready." Which was probably about 5 minutes ago, but still, he wanted to be sure Totchi was as ready as he was. He was pretty sure that would be a safe assumption, but one could never be too safe, right?

Totchi groaned... practically whined... in frustration when JJ stopped to ask such a... in Totchi's mind... silly question. Whenever he was ready? Which answer should he go with: the minute you got home? Yesterday? Too much thinking. He gave up trying to figure the 'correct' answer and settled on the simplest answer. "Now... fuck... JJ... please, now"

JJ smiled at the other man's response, capturing Totchi's mouth in a deep kiss and settling his hands on his waist. Then he pushed upwards, carefully guiding himself into Totchi, waiting for some sign from Totchi before continuing. He didn’t have to wait very long, before he could begin an almost impatiently fast rhythm.

Totchi gasped at the initial trace of pain. It was a familiar pain, though, and lasted only a moment before his body adjusted to the feeling of having JJ inside him. The slight pain quickly turned to pleasure as soon as JJ started to move. Totchi easily fell into rhythm with the other man, hands everywhere at once. The sound of JJ’s pleasure-riddled moans falling on his ears wasn't going to help make this last in the least. Totchi knew it wouldn't take much to send him careening right over the edge.

"Oh, God...Totchi," JJ was nearly yelling now. He was already dangerously close to the edge, moving harder and faster into Totchi.

Totchi wanted to make it last, really. But dear God, hearing his name like that, so passionate and needy sent shivers of delight straight to his groin. The both of them were so fucking close already. Totchi knew that with just the right touch, he’d lose it completely. That didn’t stop him from meeting JJ thrust for thrust, loving the way his name sounded coming from the other man like that, nevermind that his own moans were just as loud, their voices as intertwined as their lower bodies.

JJ’s breath was coming in gasps now, his hands snaking their way up Totchi's thighs, touching him everywhere, every way he liked to be touched, seemingly knowing of their own accord. He was nearly there, his eyes rolling back under his tightly-shut eyelids. Totchi might could have held out a bit longer... maybe, had not JJ touched him just there, in exactly the right way, and totally ripped his barely maintained grip on control to shreds. "God... yessssss..." His back arched, body spasming as the force of his orgasm hit him.

JJ barely had time to register that Totchi was coming before his own orgasm hit. He practically screamed as he came. Once they were both spent, he fell back against the back of the couch, panting, eyes closed, lifting his arms weakly to pull Totchi down to lay with him. Not that it took much urging to get Totchi to snuggle in close. Cuddles were right up there at the top of his list of favorite things, and after-sex cuddles were best of all. He wasn't sure he could have moved just then anyway. His body felt like it had turned into a dishrag, completely drained.

They were both hot and sweaty and sticky... and Totchi didn't give a damn. Once his breathing steadied and his heart rate returned to something akin to normal, Totchi pulled back just enough to kiss the tip of JJ's nose, and grin at him. "um... Hi?"

At the moment, Totchi couldn't be bothered to move much. Why did JJ have to be so comfortable and fit so perfect next to him and... Totchi gave up trying to think. It was taking way too much energy. A contented noise escaped him as he buried his head in JJ's shoulder, wrapping his arms around him and snuggling close.

"Totchi..." JJ breathed, wrapping his arms around the other. There really was nowhere he was going with that, he just felt like saying it. Totchi sighed, smiling against JJ's neck. No one else said his name quite like JJ did.

Totchi really, really didn't want to move just yet. Unfortunately, his legs were already starting to protest, though that didn’t necessarily require actually getting up. Sliding off JJ’s lap, Totchi settled back in, cuddled up next to the other man on the couch. Something in the dynamics of their relationship had just changed, but talking it over could wait a while. Talking was so overrated, anyway.
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