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Feathers and Fairy Dust [NC-17; Totchi (Dir en grey)/Kai (the GazettE)]  
Title: Feathers and Fairy Dust
Author: colorless_landscape
Chapter: One-shot
Word Count: 1078
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Totchi (Dir en grey)/Kai (the GazettE)
Warnings: malexmale, explicit sex
Genre: Pure, unadulterated PWP
Synopsis: When Kai finds something Totchi bought and asks questions, a demonstration ensues
Author's Note: Written for [livejournal.com profile] naturu_rising. Because when Jagu asks for pr0n to make her feel better after a bad day, we aim to (try to) please. <333

"Um… baby? What’re these?"

Totchi glanced up from his laptop where he was working on a script to see his husband holding something that looked like a miniature feather duster and a small jar of… something. Grinning because he knew exactly what was in the jar, he shut down the laptop and put it away on the table beside the bed.

“I could tell you, but I think it’d be more fun to show you.” There was something decidedly wicked in the smile that lingered on his face as he motioned Kai over to join him on the bed. It would have probably given Kai a moment’s unease on anyone else’s face, but this was Totchi, his husband, the man that knew all of his flaws and hang-ups, and loved him anyway, and Kai knew that, above all else, Totchi would do nothing to hurt him so long as it was in his power.

"First of all, these have got to go." Totchi tugged gently at Kai’s shirt. Kai raised a brow at that, but helped with the removal of his shirt, nonetheless. His jeans and boxers were next in line, followed by Totchi’s own. Curious now as to how any of this would relate to the items he’d found, Kai waited to see what his lover was up to.

Taking the jar from Kai, Totchi carefully opened it, taking care not to spill the contents. Reaching next for the feather, he dipped it into the jar. Slowly, just to tease, he trailed the feather down Kai’s neck, leaving a thin sheen of silky powder in its wake. Leaning in, he followed the trail with his tongue, causing Kai to first gasp in surprise and then mewl with pleasure.

Totchi grinned against his husband’s skin as he made his way down Kai’s chest and abdomen in the same fashion: dip, dust, lick, repeat, with extended attention given to nipples, and other various sensitive areas that he knew as well as he knew his own body. By the time he’d made his way to Kai’s crotch, Kai was practically putty in his hands, moaning and writhing in pleasure under him.

Slowly, with great care, he ran the feather over Kai’s erection, coating it with a fine layer of the body dust. Once he was sure it was completely covered, he darted out his tongue, teasing at the head before using the flat of his tongue in slow firm strokes to clean off every last particle, enjoying the whimpers and sensuous moans his actions were eliciting from his husband. That should have been enough… but Totchi wasn’t done playing just yet.

Reaching for the feather yet again, he dipped it into the jar once more. This time, more of the soft powder clung to skin already dampened by saliva. Totchi could tell by the way Kai was squirming that his lover was getting impatient with the teasing. It was time to take his teasing to the next level. Recapping the jar and laying it and the feather to the side, he shifted to a more comfortable position between his husband’s legs. That was all the warning Kai got before Totchi leaned in and took Kai’s erection fully into his mouth.

The body powder combined with the precum already seeping from Kai’s member to create an extraordinarily heady flavor. The taste alone tore a moan from Totchi’s throat that reverberated along Kai’s shaft, causing him to moan as well, and causing his hips to buck up off the bed and his hands to fist in Totchi’s hair, uncertain whether he was trying to stop Totchi or encourage him further. Whichever it was, Totchi wasn’t stopping, teasing and sucking until he heard those magic words he’d been waiting to hear.

"Nngh fuck… Totchi… please…"

Exactly please what went unsaid, or perhaps wasn’t necessary between them. Totchi moved then, kissing his way back up his lover’s body. He reached for the drawer in the bedside table, pulling out a well-used tube of lube and opening it with one-handed practiced ease. He squirted a generous amount into his hand and laid it aside on the table.

Using his fingers to spread the slick substance over both himself and over his lover’s opening, he positioned himself , stopping just as the tip of his erection teased at the other’s entrance. Leaning down, he whispered against Kai’s ear, “Please what? This?” With that he pressed forward, slowly entering the other man, a moan pulled from him despite his best intentions at the very rightness of the tight heat surrounding him. Once he was fully seated, he had to stop for a moment in an attempt to maintain any semblance of control. It was a losing battle.

"Fuck, Totchi… move, dammit…"

With those words, the battle was lost. Totchi could never deny Kai anything, and to hear those words, in that voice, in those tones, was more than his tremulous hold on control could take. He’d been teasing the other man, but the teasing had affected him just as much. He moved, and as soon as he did, he knew there was no stopping, no turning back. What started as slow, sensuous strokes meant to give as much pleasure to his lover as possible quickly changed over to hard, fast stroke meant to bring them both to completion.

Determined to not reach his own climax before ensuring that Kai was fully satisfied, he reached a hand between them to wrap around the other’s erection, matching the movements of his hand to those of his hips. Kai was close, Totchi could feel it, read it in every aspect of the other man’s body, and he shifted slightly, changing the angle of his thrusts to target that wondrous bundle of nerves. Hearing Kai cry out, feeling his muscles clench as his orgasm washed over him, he knew he’d succeeded. That was his cue to let himself go, following his lover over the edge, Kai’s name on his lips as he submitted to that most glorious feeling of utter completion.

Both their bodies still trembling from the aftermath of their orgasms, Totchi lowered himself onto his lover. Resting his elbows on either side of the man’s body to support a part of his weight, he cupped Kai’s face in his hands and pressed a kiss to his lips. Pulling back to look down at the man he loved more than anything in the world, he smiled. "That’s what those are."
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