Title: Triad
Author: [livejournal.com profile] duntuchdakei and colorless_landscape
Chapter: One-shot
Word Count: 2589
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff, smut, AU
Warnings: threesome, manxmanxman sex
Character(s): Aoi/Toshiya/Kai
Bands: the GazettE, Dir en grey
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.
Summary: It wasn't supposed to happen this way. After his last relationship ended so horribly, Totchi wasn't meant to fall in love again. Not with anyone, but most especially not with two different men. Life has a way of handing us surprises when we least expect it, though.
Author's Note: This was NOT supposed to turn out this long. It was SUPPOSED to be relatively short. Totchi had other ideas. -__-;;

Particularly close fuck-buddies, that’s what Toshiya said they were. That’s what he told Aoi that he and Kai were, and that’s what he told Kai that he and Aoi and were. Why had Totchi, their adored Totchi, gone and potentially ruined two good things by telling one about the other?

Guilt, mostly. In his book, having two extremely personal fuck-buddies wasn’t really cheating, but in his heart, it was. Toshiya was not one to cheat – that’s why he stopped (or, dis-frequent-ed, in all honesty) sleeping with his roommate once he realized how dangerously dear he had let Aoi and Kai become to him. They were all supposed to be bounces back from a recent relationship that ended horrifically, so what had gone wrong?

His stupid, stupid heart, that’s what. He never thought he could love like that again, he had never wanted to love like that again, and now he was getting close to just that... with two different people! Neither was exactly what he’d call a serious relationship like he had just had, but he wouldn’t mind having either as a boyfriend…or both. Both would be nice. But what he was really hoping for right now as he sat in a carefully chosen private room at a slightly upscale restaurant with a calming atmosphere, was that the meeting of the two formerly unsuspecting relationships-of-sorts would go over without with an argument.

He should have told them each before. He told them about his other (frequent or not) bedmates, so why didn’t he tell Aoi about Kai or Kai about Aoi? He didn’t know, but there were theories. His roommate secretly swore that it was because these two had become much more than common fucks, and now honestly meant a lot more to Totchi than he wanted to admit, even though he was going to have to sooner or later. Totchi would bet more on the idea that these two just had a way of getting around walls and that his mind misconstrued their guile as something more substantial that he longed for, but his brain told him there couldn’t be two, so he subconsciously tried to avoid the conflict. Both theories worked in, well, theory, but what was reality? Did he – god forbid – love either (or both?) of them? That was to be figured out later.

As for now... well, it was 3:59, and both were supposed to arrive at 4, for tea, food (for distractions, mostly) and to meet each other, to see the face and hear the voice of the men who seemed to share the same or suspiciously similar spots in Totchi’s heart and to, hopefully, accept one another.

Thankfully for Totchi’s peace of mind, both men were prone to punctuality, so he wasn’t kept in suspense for very long. Moments later, the door opened, their assigned waitress ushering in two not-exactly-happy men, each eying the other somewhat warily. Only natural, Totchi supposed. And at least he could be thankful that they weren’t being openly hostile to one another or trying to kill each other yet?

Each man greeted Totchi, perhaps a bit more hesitantly than they would have had they been alone with him individually, but in truth, it was more than Totchi had dared to hope for. After perhaps about ten minutes of somewhat stilted conversation during which Totchi attempted to get his two lovers to interact, the waitress returned to see if there was anything they needed. Totchi would swear later that he had never been so glad to see someone in his life as he ordered a round of drinks for all of them. Perhaps a bit of alcohol would help to diffuse the tension in the room?

It did seem to be working, he decided a couple of rounds later. Aoi and Kai were at least tolerating one another’s presence, even talking to each other, if haltingly, and not just to Totchi now. And then came the inevitable dreaded question: WHY?

Totchi faltered, looking from one to the other. He’d known it would come up, had thought about it endlessly. And still wasn’t sure exactly how to explain to them what he couldn’t even explain to himself. Perhaps simplicity and honesty were the best route to choose. “I couldn’t bear the thought of losing either… or both… of you,” he replied, unable to meet either man’s eyes.

“Totchi…” both men started, then stopped, their eyes meeting , really meeting for the first time. A moment of understanding passed unspoken between the two. With anyone else, the very idea of what he seemed to be suggesting would be ludicrous, at best. But this wasn’t just anyone. This was Totchi, their beloved Totchi, with the heart of gold , with such a gentle and loving nature that perhaps it really was possible for one person to love two people indiscriminately. Perhaps it really was possible for the two of them to share that one spot in Totchi’s heart that, by all accounts, should have been reserved for only one.

With that understanding came the beginnings of acceptance, of unity of purpose. The two men shared another look, this one not of wariness, but of understanding and their shared love. Almost as one, both men leaned in and kissed their mutual lover’s cheeks, surprising him. Without conscious thought or planning, they both voiced the words that he hadn’t dared let himself hope for. “I’m not going anywhere,” both assured him.

Totchi looked up, staring from one to the other. He hadn’t thought he’d ever find a place where he truly belonged again after his last failed relationship. And now, the two men that had come to mean the most to him in the world were letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that they weren’t abandoning him, that they accepted him and all that came with him, including each other, unconditionally. It was more than he could have hoped for.

Visibly relaxing then, Totchi’s face broke into a smile. Not just any smile. THAT smile, the one that was the rarest of all, the adorable (crooked teeth and all) smile of true happiness that was reserved only for those closest to him. A flicker of indecision crossed his face, and then he was pulling them both in for a tight hug and somehow managing to kiss them both without showing any favoritism to either, much to the bemusement of the waitress who had inadvertently chosen that moment to come in to clear away their table, causing Totchi to chuckle.

“Perhaps we should continue this conversation somewhere a bit less disturbing to innocent bystanders?” He’d rented a room at a nearby hotel, actually, though in truth, he’d rented it with the thought in mind that it would be safer if things had turned ugly. But he was glad that it hadn’t. He liked this reason for making use of his expenditure much better than the alternative that had played out in his mind.

The other two nodded agreeably and, after the bill had been settled, they were on their way. They made it to the hotel room within a few minutes, walking in the cool evening air, as it really was nearby, just a couple of blocks away. They even managed to get in a bit of actual talking before things took a decidedly unexpected, though not at all unwelcome, turn.

Totchi would swear later that he had no idea how it had happened. Perhaps it was the released tension amongst them, or perhaps it was simply the amount of hormones in the room. Whatever, the how wasn’t really important, anyway. What was important was that he suddenly found himself on the receiving end of another of those mind-blowing three-way kisses, this one much less hesitant and awkward than the first had been, and his body was, naturally, reacting as would be expected.

Hands, and lips, and teeth, were everywhere, or so it seemed. One of them (Totchi was unsure who.. it may have even been him) had enough presence of mind to suggest that they move things to a more comfortable place. It became increasingly difficult to distinguish which limbs belonged to whom as clothes were shed as the trio on the bed explored each other in a frenzy of kisses and touches, confident and secure between experienced lovers, and hesitant and discovering between new.

Perhaps that would have been enough of a start to cement the new direction these (this?) relationship was taking. But there were bodies that hand other things in mind and wouldn’t be denied. Soon enough, someone had reached for the tube of lube Totchi had left on the bedside table when he’d checked in (at the very least, if things had gone horribly, he’d planned on spending the night there, and it never hurt to be prepared, even if it was only for your own hand), and Totchi heard the cap being removed before his hand was taken and a generous amount squeezed onto his fingers.

Startled, Totchi looked around, a mix of surprise and curiosity on his face. His eyes locked with Aoi’s. When had he moved away from them enough to reach for the lubricant, much less sit up, watching he and Kai with a mixture of curiosity and lust. No words were spoken. They weren’t needed. The look in Aoi’s heavy-lidded eyes told the story of just how much he was enjoying what he was seeing. It was enough of an encouragement for Totchi to continue where he’d left off.

Moving into a better position, both for access and to be able to see both of his lovers’ faces, he moved his hand down between Kai’s legs to tease at his entrance, his movements slow, deliberate, earning him a soft whimper from the man on the bed in front of him. That soft sound shifted his focus entirely to Kai, at least for the moment, probing gently at the man’s entrance until he was able to push first one, then two, fingers inside. He was rewarded with a low, almost keening sound when he curled his fingers just so so that they just brushed against Kai’s prostate.

An answering moan drew both Totchi’s and Kai’s attention to the other man on the bed. At some point during their distraction, Aoi had squeezed a bit of the lubricant into his own hand, and was now slowly stroking himself as he watched them with a look in his eyes that could be described as nothing less than hunger. Totchi felt the involuntary clenching of Kai’s muscles around his fingers convey his lover’s response even as he felt his own cock twitch at the sight.

Eyes locked on the erotic scene before him, Totchi carefully pulled his fingers from Kai. There was a small sound of protest from Kai, but then Totchi was moving again, this time settling his body, not just his hand, between Kai’s legs. One hand supported his weight as the other moved to his own erection to guide it to Kai’s entrance, more than sufficiently making up for the loss of his fingers as he pushed slowly forward, three simultaneous moans filling the room.

Once he was fully seated, Totchi felt the bed shift under them. He felt, rather than saw, his eyes having fallen closed at some point, Aoi move behind him, felt his lover’s hands on his body before they settled on his hips, steadying them. He could feel the tip of Aoi’s erection brushing against his own opening, and fought against the urge to press back against it. Slowly, almost reverently, Aoi pushed into him. Totchi didn’t even try to hold back the moan that fell from his lips. The feeling of both filling and at the same time being filled was unlike anything he had ever experienced.

All three men stilled completely for a moment, drinking in these new sensations. Soon enough, they lost the battle against their own bodies. It took a few false starts before they found a rhythm, but once they had, it was nothing short of incredible. Each time Totchi drew back from Kai, he impaled himself further on Aoi’s cock, and each surge forward of Aoi’s hips drove Totchi into Kai. It was soon impossible to tell which moans came from whom, or where one body ended and the next began as they moved as one.

Totchi felt one of Aoi’s hands reach around him to wrap around Kai’s erection, leaving his own hands free to support his weight. A part of Totchi’s mind wanting this to last forever, to stay locked in this moment. A smaller, much more logical part of his brain knew that this was impossible. It seemed that his body agreed with the more logical part of his brain. Soon, too soon in Totchi’s opinion, he could feel the familiar pressure starting to build low in his belly. Obviously, both of his lover’s read the signs as well knew that Totchi was right on the edge.

Quite deliberately, he was sure, though how they planned it, he had no idea, he felt Kai clinch his muscles around him at exactly the same moment that Aoi shifted behind him so that his next thrust slammed directly into his prostate, causing stars to burst behind his eyelids as he came deep within Kai with a hoarse cry. Even before he’d ridden out his orgasm, he felt Kai’s muscles tighten around him again as his orgasm washed over him, triggered by the warmth of Totchi’s release inside of him coupled with Aoi’s hand on his cock. Aoi suffered a similar fate, his own release triggered by the flooding warmth of Kai cumming into his hand and the feeling of Totchi’s muscles spasming around him.

The three men collapsed onto the bed, three echoing sounds of slight protest at the loss this caused, Totchi somehow ending up in between his two lovers as they slowly made their way through the post-sex haze and back to reality. Totchi wanted to say something, wanted to put into words how amazing that had been, how amazing they were. All he managed was a “Wow. That was just…”

“Incredible,” the other two finished for him simultaneously. Totchi chuckled at that, turning his head to kiss each man on the forehead in turn. “Yeah,” he agreed.

It would be nice to fall asleep cuddled between two warm, loving bodies, listen to their calming heart rates and rest, but Totchi’s mind was wandering too much and too fast. He still couldn’t wrap his brain around what just happened – just the idea of it (much less, the still resonating bliss from it) was enough to excite him all over again. He was a lucky, lucky man, he was not as afraid anymore to smile and let a little more of his inner self be visible, especially around these two, and all the troubles of the past seemed to be slipping away…

There was only one thing he could think of to do, and fortunately, his pants were in close enough proximity to do it without having to leave the warmth of Aoi and Kai’s sweat-dampened bodies. He managed to pull out his phone and, still somewhat breathlessly, skip the greetings and cut to the chase with his best friend, “Dude, the most amazing thing just happened.”

Even though speakerphone wasn’t enabled, the exclamation in response from the other end of the line was audible enough to bring a smile and chuckle out of both Kai’s and Aoi’s lips, “AND WHERE WAS MY INVITATION, TOSHI?!”
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