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Title: Homecoming
Author: colorless_landscape
Fandom: Jrock
Character(s)/Pairing(s) : hide (X Japan)/Hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel)
Rating: NC-17
Length: one-shot, 1596 words
Warning(s) : yaoi
Summary: It had been almost two weeks since hide’s ex had had him locked up on a load of trumped-up charges in an attempt to break him and get him back. It had taken every string his eclectic family could pull to get the case expedited through the court system. In the end, it had been worth everything they had done. They had won, hide having won full custody of his daughter and all charges dropped. Now it was time to go home.
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them, much to my dismay :P
Author's Note: RP-based; written for my beloved Miha ([livejournal.com profile] _defyingtheodds), who is the hide to my Hyde. Forgive teh suckage. -__-

Two weeks. It had been almost two weeks since hide’s ex had had him locked up on a load of trumped-up charges in an attempt to break him and get him back. It had taken every string his eclectic family could pull to get the case expedited through the court system. In the end, it had been worth everything they had done. They had won, hide having won full custody of his daughter and all charges dropped. Now it was time to go home.

Before they exited the courthouse, Vicky offered to take Sumire to the restroom. After a couple of moments, Hyde excused himself from their circle of friends surrounding them and chattering away. As he washed his hands at the sink after taking care of more mundane matters, he took time to admire the facilities. No shoddy half-assed stalls here, not for the lawyers and judges that passed through these doors daily. No, for them was the comfort of cubicles fully separated by concrete walls and separate doors with real locks.

Looking down to turn off the faucets, Hyde didn’t bother to glance up to see who it was when the door opened and closed. At least, not until he felt a pair of arms snake around his waist from behind and lips on his neck. His eyes flew to the mirror, his heart racing for a completely different reason when his eyes fell on the familiar pink hair of the man he’d only recently admitted, after almost six months of spending an inordinate amount of time together, to being in love with.

Drying his hands, he turned in hide’s arms, his own arms finding their way around the taller man’s neck. “Forgive me?”

“Hmm.. I don’t know. I mean, you did tell Sumire where I was after I specifically asked you not to. Not to mention telling everyone else and getting them all involved, too. That’s an awful lot to forgive in one go.” The corners of hide’s lips twitched in amusement even as he spoke. The smile finally won out as he leaned in to brush a kiss to Hyde’s lips. “And thanks to that, I’m a free man again, and have my daughter. I don’t know where I’d be if you hadn’t interfered. But it wouldn’t hurt if you had a few ideas to make it up to me, just in case,” he added, nibbling on Hyde’s lower lip.

Neither man had heard the door open and close. Both jumped when a voice sounded next to them. “Oh, get a room, you two.” Two sets of startled eyes turned to the very amused face of the man standing beside them, drying his hands. “Don’t worry. I’ll come up with a way to distract everyone else,” Totchi winked at them before exiting.

Hyde blushed, even as his eyes darted to the ‘stalls’. Six months earlier, he would never have even considered what he was about to suggest. “You both make good points,” he commented, taking hide by the hand and moving towards one of the empty ‘stalls’.

It took hide’s mind about half a second to process Hyde’s intention. Grinning, he closed and locked the door behind them, sending a silent thank you to the architectures that had designed the building, as well as the custodial crew for keeping it impeccably clean. Still perhaps not the best place for what it seemed they both had in mind, but it would do for the moment.

It had been Hyde’s idea (sort of), but that didn’t stop his grunt of surprise at suddenly finding himself pinned against the wall. He recovered quickly, his arms winding around the taller man’s neck as he returned the fierce kiss with equal hunger.

Soon enough the need for oxygen drew their lips apart. There’d be time later, once they got home, for going slow. Not now. Now was about slating the desire that had built over the separation. Now was about hide’s lips finding exactly that spot on Hyde’s neck that drove him wild and caused Hyde’s hands to wander and slip beneath hide’s shirt. Now was about wanting no clothes between them, but knowing it wasn’t really the time nor the place for total nudity.

Hyde bit his lip to hold back the low moan threatening to spill from his lips as hide let his teeth graze the skin of his neck, knowing full well the effect it had on the smaller man. Hyde’s hands moved under hide’s shirt, ghosting over the warm skin until they found the button of hide’s jeans. He popped the button and slid down the zipper, even as hide’s own hands moved to work the fastening on Hyde’s slacks. It was hide’s turn to attempt to hold back his moan as Hyde pushed his jeans down just far enough to slip a hand inside and wrap around his erection.

Patience might indeed be a virtue, but neither man was feeling exceptionally virtuous at the moment. As hide pushed Hyde’s slacks down his hips, Hyde accommodated as best he could the removal of his pants by toeing out of his shoes and stepping out of the pants as soon as gravity took over and pulled them low enough.

A moment of lucidity broke through the lust-filled haze. “I don’t want to hurt you, koneko,” hide whispered.

The whispered, “You won’t” was the only warning hide got before Hyde was kneeling before him on his discarded pants, sliding hide’s jeans further down his hips as he went. That was at least more warning than he got before Hyde leaned in to wrap his lips around hide’s erection. As his knees threatened to give way on him, hide gripped at Hyde’s shoulders, leaning forward to rest his forehead against the cool tile of the wall.

It took almost more concentration than hide had left to bite back his moans as Hyde’s mouth and tongue worked over his erection. Once Hyde was satisfied that hide’s cock was well-enough slickened… okay, so maybe he gave it a little more attention than was absolutely necessary… he slowly made his way back up the other man’s body, effectively trapping himself between hide and the wall.

Tiptoeing up, Hyde pressed a kiss to hide’s lips. Raking his nails up hide’s back under his shirt. He moved his hands to the taller mans shoulders as he whispered, “Did you miss me as much as I missed you?”

If hide had been waiting for an invitation, that was all he needed. He slipped his hands down to Hyde’s thighs, lifting the smaller man and using the wall behind Hyde to support part of his weight. As hide positioned himself at Hyde’s entrance, Hyde wrapped his legs around hide’s waist. hide caught Hyde’s lips in another hungry kiss, effectively swallowing both men’s moans, his eyes falling closed as he pressed forward into the welcome tight heat.

Once he was fully seated, hide paused to give them both a moment to enjoy the feeling of being one again after what seemed like forever, though in reality it had only been less than two weeks. He would have remained still even longer simply to enjoy the perfection of the moment had not Hyde tightened his legs around his waist and used the leverage of the wall behind him to pull him in closer, wordlessly urging him to move.

Pulling back, hide pressed forward once more, burying his face in Hyde’s neck to muffle his moan as he started a hard and fast rhythm meant to bring them both to a fast and pleasurable end. As he felt the pressure starting to build low in his abdomen, Hyde, secure in the knowledge that hide wouldn’t let him fall, moved his hands from hide’s shoulders. One hand remained beneath hide’s shirt, but moved to toy with the nipple piercing that still fascinated as much now as it had when he’d first discovered it, though now the fascination had more to do with knowing the effect that it had on the other man. His other hand moved to wrap around his own erection, pumping it in time with hide’s increasingly erratic thrusts.

Feeling the beginnings of his orgasm start to wash over him, Hyde leaned his head forward to press his mouth to hide’s ear, knowing how much the other man enjoyed the sounds he made during sex. He was holding back as much as he could, but he knew that, as his lips closed over a sensitive spot just below hide’s ear, the other would still be able to hear his muffled moan as he came.

The combination of hearing that and feeling Hyde’s muscles clench around him even as he felt the warmth of Hyde’s release between them was enough to send hide spiraling over the edge to his own release, his own cry muffled in the skin of Hyde’s neck as he came.

It was several moments before either man was willing to let go or even move. Or at least, until their breathing had returned to close enough to normal to allow them to move, moving apart only enough to clean themselves up, adjust their clothing, and make themselves presentable again in between stolen kisses.

“About damn time. We were starting to think one of you had fallen in, and the other was going to be calling for back-up any minute,” came Totchi’s teasing comment (along with a knowing grin) as they exited the restroom.

“Shut up,” Hyde mumbled, blushing as they all made their way out of the courthouse to head home. Finally.
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