Title: From Fantasy to Reality
Author: colorless_landscape
Chapter: One-shot
Word Count: 1958
Rating: NC-17 all the way!
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/Okada Junichi
Warnings: malexmale, smut, anal
Genre: smut, RP-based, AU
Synopsis: Jin has been having some not-so-pure thoughts about his dance instructor.
Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own these boys; I just like to take them out on occasion and play with them.
Author's Note: As always, this is for my beloved Miha ([livejournal.com profile] _defyingtheodds) and also for my loffly Seers ([livejournal.com profile] sirigorn); based on an AU RPG, don't go sending the hounds after me!

Jin sighed in relief when he found the shower room empty at last. He'd purposely lingered as long as possible in the locker room, hoping to have the showers to himself. It was no secret that rumors tended to spread like wildfire within the Ballet, and the last thing Jin needed was for rumors to start circulating that he had the hots for his dance instructor. Mainly because it was true, and it would be rather difficult to hide the evidence of that in the communal shower room.

Even now, after taking his time to gather his things, he was still half-hard, thanks in no small part to the rather vivid fantasies that had plagued him earlier, causing him to lose his concentration in class. It had earned him a reprimand, along with a worried look, from Okada-san for not paying attention. Okada-san was one of the few people he'd actually talked to since his break-up with his long-time boyfriend who had recently returned to L.A. No doubt, the older man had chalked Jin's distraction up to that. That was certainly much safer than the truth, that the reason Jin sometimes faltered in class had more to do with vivid sexual fantasies about his instructor, since even before the awkward kiss they'd shared in the locker room a couple of weeks earlier.

Jin had muttered an apology and run out then, and had, in essence, been running ever since. There were at least a million reasons he couldn't act on his fantasies. Okay, so he knew Junichi wasn't exactly closed to the idea of a relationship with another man, but on the other hand, the older man had never given any hint of interest in entering another relationship with anyone, male OR female. And maybe it wasn't precisely wrong, since they were both adults, but student-teacher relationships were certainly frowned upon, if not so much in society in this case but definitely within the Ballet. And from the rumors Jin had heard circulating, his instructor already had enough on his plate to deal with without Jin adding to them.

So lost was he in these thoughts as he stripped for his shower, Jin actually jumped when he heard water come on in one of the showers. He could have sworn he was the only one of his class still here by now, so he stepped to peer quietly around the corner to see who else was still lingering. What he saw made his breath catch in his throat. There in front of him, water streaming over his body in all his naked glory, was the very object of his current thoughts and of his fantasies.

Jin swallowed audibly. He knew he should just walk away, just dress and go home for his shower. And that was what he kept telling himself as his eyes roamed the beautifully (in his opinion) sculptured body in front of him that was more glorious in its reality than even his most vivid fantasies had managed to conjure. Walk away, his mind kept telling him, even as his feet turned traitor on him, taking him closer, rather than back towards the changing area. By the time he realized his feet had betrayed him, he was standing in front of the stall, admiring the way the water droplets traveled over the contours of the older man's body as Junichi ran the soap over his skin. And now that he was this close, the object of his fantasies within arm's reach, literally, Jin was powerless to resist the pull.

Junichi had closed his eyes under the spray of the water, but they flew open, his body stiffening momentarily when an arm suddenly wrapped itself around his waist, another taking the soap from his suddenly limp fingers. Like Jin, he'd thought he had the showers to himself, had thought all of his students had gone for the day. A glance identified his "intruder" in an instant. Part of his job as a dance instructor was to know every part of each of his students, to watch them for any sign of strain or problem, and this one was no exception. It certainly didn't hurt that this particular student was attractive enough to make even a saint take notice... and Junichi was certainly no saint. He could feel the evidence of Jin's arousal pressing against his backside, and while he didn't fear the younger man by any means, he did feel a certain amount of apprehension. Surely this was wrong on so many levels?

"Akanishi-san... what....?"

The question died on his lips when he felt teeth graze against his earlobe. He tried (or at least, he thought he was trying, anyway) to move away, to put some distance between them, but it seemed his student's stubborn streak was still just as strong as ever and that he had anticipated the move, for Junichi felt the deceptively strong arm around his waist tighten just enough to hold him in place. "This is wrong..." he whispered.

"Remember what you told us, sensei? Don't think, just feel," came the whispered words in his ear. Junichi was sure his words had never sounded like THAT when he'd said them, so seductive, so... sinfully sweet, and he found that he suddenly couldn't remember exactly WHY this was so wrong. He wanted to reprimand the younger man for parroting his own words back at him, but the words seemed to elude his grasp. The soap-slicked hand running over his chest and abdomen certainly wasn't helping his thought process, either. Nor was the mouth pressing open-mouthed kisses along the side of his neck, for that matter. Junichi could practically feel his student smirking as his head fell back against the taller man's shoulder with a soft moan.

"Do you have any idea how long I have been wanting to do this, how many times I have fantasized about this?" The words murmured against his skin sent a shiver down Junichi's spine. This was so very out of his realm of normal that it would have been laughable if it weren't so damn intoxicating. A full-time dancer and a part-time internet callboy, that was what he was. He was paid for others' pleasure, never for his own. And yet, here he was, naked in the shower, with his equally naked student lavishing him with attention and words that he'd never let himself dare to think he'd be on the receiving end of.

As he felt the older man relax into the embrace, Jin in turn relaxed the arm around Junichi's waist. He slid his hand over wet skin to cup the older man's jaw, tilting Junichi's face towards him enough to capture his lips, even as his other hand slid lower still to wrap around Junichi's already hardening cock, letting out a soft moan himself as he felt it pulse in response, knowing that he had won the silent battle. Not that it had really been a battle anyway, he admitted to himself, because of his advances had been turned down, he would have stopped, would have walked away. But this way was SO much better.

Jin drank in the taste of the older man, something else he had dreamed about, pleased to find that it was an undeniably pleasant taste, just as he'd expected. There was a hint of the coffee he often saw his instructor sipping on between classes, a hint of vanilla and perhaps cinnamon, probably also from the coffee... and there was another, somewhat exotic flavor unlike anything he had tasted before that could only belong to Junichi himself. He drank of the taste greedily, wanting to imprint the flavor in his brain, even as his hand continued to languidly stroke the older man's cock, smiling inside as he felt Junichi's body respond and start to push into his hand with more insistence.

Jin let his free hand glide down Junichi's body once more. Only this time, instead of stopping at the man's hips, he slid his hand between them, pausing when he felt the other tense slightly as Jin's fingers teased at his entrance. He pulled back from the kiss just enough to meet the other man's questioning eyes. "Trust me," he whispered against Junichi's lips. "I promise to make you feel good enough to make up for any pain."

The trust Jin saw in his instructor's eyes as Junichi nodded slowly was nearly enough to weaken his knees. Somehow he managed to remain standing under his own power, covering the older man's lips with his own once more as he pressed more persistently against Junichi's opening, a low groan forming in the back of his throat at the tight heat that surrounded his finger once the muscles relaxed just enough for one finger to slip inside. Slowly, carefully, he worked his finger in and out of the older man's body, letting Junichi get used to the intrusion. Once he felt Junichi's body relax once more, Jin added a second finger, continuing to work them in and out of the other's body, scissoring therm, gently stretching the muscles in preparation.

As Jin felt hands come up to tangle in his hair and felt Junichi start to press back against his fingers, he knew the other was as ready as he was going to be. He withdrew his fingers, ignoring the murmur of protest from the other man. Positioning himself, he slowly pushed his cock against the opening his fingers had just left. Pressing his hips forward, he pushed in as gently as he could, aware of the pain he knew it would cause the other man. The sensation of incredibly tight heat engulfing his cock was intense, and he stopped as he felt Junichi tense up instinctively against the pain. Only when the older man pushed back against him did Jin start to move once more, slowly at first to give Junichi time to adjust to the sensation, but soon enough falling into a rhythm that had them both moaning at the feelings, even as he continued to stroke Junichi's cock in time with his thrusts.

There was something decidedly erotic about the culmination of a fantasy coupled with the possibility of being caught that spurred Jin on. He knew he wouldn't last long now, not when he could already feel his orgasm building low in his belly. But there was one thing he had to do before he let himself go. Pressing his lips against Junichi's ear, he whispered four words.

"Come for me,sensei."

Surely, not even the Hounds of Hell could withstand that smooth, seductive voice. Junichi sure as hell couldn't. His back arched, his head falling back onto Jin's shoulder under the force of his orgasm, hands fisting tightly in Jin's hair. It was more than Jin could withstand, as well. Even as he felt the other's muscles clench tightly around him, he thrust into the other one last time, releasing deep within the other. As they both rode out their orgasms, it was only through sheer force of will that Jin somehow managed to keep them both standing.

Jin pressed a kiss against Junichi's shoulder as he pulled out, earning a soft sound of loss from the both of them. "I'm sorry," he murmured. "If you want me to change classes..."

His words were cut off as Junichi turned in his arms, his own arms slipping up and around Jin's shoulders. "Don't be silly. I'm thinking that, after this display, you need my instruction now more than ever to learn to curb your impertinence."

The smile on his face belied the words. Jin found himself returning the smile. He had a feeling that he just might be staying after class more often in the future.
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