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Together We Are Strong [PG; hide/Hyde]  
Title: Together We Are Strong
Author: colorless_landscape
Chapter: One-shot
Prompt: "How did you know?" - Gary Valenciano
Rating: PG? For implied malexmale?
Pairing: hide x Hyde
Warnings: mentioned character death
Genre: MASSIVE ANGST, RP-based, AU
Synopsis: How does one deal with losing one parent without losing the other to grief?
Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own these boys; I just like to take them out on occasion and play with them.
Author's Note: As always, this is for my beloved Miha ([livejournal.com profile] _defyingtheodds), because I've owed her this for months and my brin has only just gotten in the proper mindset to write this -__-; based on an AU RPG, don't go sending the hounds after me! sort of a companion fic, but can also be read as a stand-alone, to (in sorta chronological order):
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Haruto blinked in the darkness. He could hear the soft, steady breathing of his twin in the bed opposite his. That made him smile softly in the darkness. It was a comfort, especially over the last few months, that despite growing older, despite their very different personalities, despite having the extra room now that their older sister had gone off to college, he and Haruki remained close enough to still share a bedroom. Oh, there had been a family meeting about it before Sumire had gone off to college, both parents and sister offering the boys the option to each have a room to themselves. One shared look between them had been all the "discussion" they needed before answering simultaneously that they were happy with the way things were.

The rest of the house seemed quiet. And yet, something had awakened Haruto. He lay there quietly, listening intently for whatever noise had interrupted his sleep. He strained his ears, searching for the allusive sound that had pervaded his dreams. He identified the familiar sounds of home: the soft ticking of the clock from the living room, the occasional light snore from his brother, the gentle breathing just down the hall that reminded him (not that he'd forgotten) that Sumire was home from school for the Christmas holidays, and then...

There it was again. The sound that had lured him from sleep. A soft, muffled sob from the direction of the bedroom his parents had shared for his entire life, up until hide's death just a few months earlier. Another moment's quiet listening brought with it the quiet tones of music that told Haruto that his Papa was watching (again, for probably the thousandth time since hide's death) the family video Haruto had helped his Daddy, brother, and sister create for their tenth anniversary just a few years ago. A glance at the calendar on the dresser he shared with Haruki told him why the video was affecting Hyde even more tonight than the countless times he'd watched it before. If not for that fateful bus crash, this would have been their seventeenth anniversary. Not of their wedding, but of the day they had first met, the very day that hide had proposed to Hyde a year later.

Slipping quietly out of his bed, Haruto's bare feet padded softly on the carpeted floor as he made his was to his parents' bedroom, a wave of melancholy and nostalgia washing over him caused by memories of the countless times over the past sixteen years he'd made this very same trek, seeking the comfort of his parents' bed, more often than not with Haruki only a few steps behind (or ahead of) him. The sight that met him as he paused at the doorway to peer through the cracked door, while expected, broke Haruto's heart once more.

Hyde was sitting in the middle of the bed that he had shared with his husband, his best friend, his soulmate. hide's pillow was cradled against his chest as he stared at the screen of the laptop in front of him. He had his hands over his mouth, in an effort to quiet the sounds of his crying, trying, as always, to protect his children, even in his grief. That was, perhaps, the most heart-breaking of all. Haruto could see in the dim light just how much their Papa had aged in the last few months. Family and friends had joked over the years that hide and Hyde were true soulmates, each only a half of the other that needed their other half to live. And that certainly seemed true now. Haruto could see it in the wat that their Papa seemed but a mere ghost of his former self without hide by his side. Hyde had always been small in stature, but now it seemed that the man that had always given his everything to his family was small in spirit, as well.

Haruto sighed and moved into the room as he heard the soft strains of Journey's "After All These Years" start to play. His parents had been together ten years when the video had been made, and shared six and a half more afterwards, and Haruto often marveled at how the song that had fit them so perfectly at the time had only grown more fitting as the years had continued to pass. It was testament to how engrossed Hyde was in his misery and the video that he didn't hear his son approaching, actually jumping at the hand laid upon his shoulder. He belatedly tried to wipe his tears as he looked up at his son with wet eyes, even as Haruto reached to turn off the video.

In a voice thick with tears, Hyde tried to apologize to his son. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake...~"

Haruto cut him off quietly, sitting on the bed to wrap his arms around the man that had raised him and his siblings in a manner reminiscent of the way Hyde would always comfort them when they were smaller. "It's alright, Papa. We miss him, too. It's okay to grieve. You both taught us that. You've been taking care of us for the past sixteen years, let us take care of you for a change."

Hyde blinked at that. Was that what he'd been doing? Still taking care of their children, rather than letting himself grieve? It startled him to realize that it was EXACTLY what he'd been doing. He smiled through his tears at his son, now almost a man.

"When did you get so smart?"

"We had a good teacher," came a voice from the doorway. Two pairs of eyes turned to see Haruki standing at the door. Haruto's twin in every aspect, aside from personality, it was little surprise to see him following behind his brother. The boys had never outgrown their twin bond, and it had never failed that once one had found his way to their parents bed, the other wouldn't be far behind, even if he had been in a deep sleep. Haruki joined the other two on the bed, his arms wrapping around both his brother and father.

Hyde continued to stare at the darkened screen, lost in memories, it seemed. When he spoke, it was to no one in particular, or maybe to all of them, or maybe just to himself, or perhaps even to the man that he could still feel the presence of every waking or sleeping moment even if he was no longer physically with them.

"You know, the first time I met your dad in person, I think I was won over then. Not by his hair, even though I always teased him that that was what did it. But it was his smile, his laughter. The way, no matter what life threw at him, he always found a way to find the light at the end of the tunnel. I'd never been able to do that, and maybe that was what I needed, someone to balance that part of me out and show me that things weren't always bleak and barren. He always knew. I don't know how. Everything. It was like he could see into my very soul. It didn't matter if we were together or not. If I was having bad day at work, he would call or text me with something completely random, just to make me smile. How did he know? And how am I supposed to get through this without him?" Hyde whispered, tears slipping unnoticed down his cheeks.

The boys were quiet as their father spoke, both tightening their arms around the man they loved as much as any child could love a parent. After a few moments of silence, Haruto spoke again. "You raised us well, Papa. We're not five years old anymore. We understand more than you think. We lost a father and a friend. But you, you lost so much more than that. You didn't just lose your husband. You lost your husband, your best friend, your lover, your confidante, and half of your heart and soul, all at once. You don't have to be strong for us this time. For once, let us be YOUR support and strength. We've been leaning on you, and on Dad, our whole lives. Now it's your turn to lean on us."

There was a sniffle from the door, and the three men looked up to see Sumire smiling proudly at the three of them, even as tears streamed down her face. Haruto had always been the most sensitive of the three of them. Leave it to him to voice the things they all were thinking.

"He's right, Papa," she added as she moved to join the three men on the bed. "We all miss him, you most of all. But... we still have each other. And we still have you. And you have us, if only you'll remember that and let us be your support," she added, joining the family hug on the bed. They stayed like that for a long time, a family, joined in love, and in grief. A strange family brought together by love, and a broken family, perhaps, but a family still.
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I really should have commented on this a while back but...meh...aside from losing interest in RPing and j-rock, life just got busy. And I still have my own addition to finish and that's on my to-do list.

If I could find motivation again, I'd love to fall back into RPing these characters. They probably stuck with me longer than any RP character I ever played and I do miss it. That said...

This was a good read for purposes of reminiscing and I liked it. You might as well start putting up a fic LJ or something, with the fics you've already written.
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*pets* Ish okies, love. I knew you knew it was here, and would get to it when you got to it. ♥

I know, right? These are among the few that I really miss, too. But no worries. You know I'm always up for it, so if the motivation and time collide, just drop me a line. No reason we can't just play it off at our leisure. ^^

I'm glad you liked it, darling. I'm glad I finally got it down on paper, so to speak. LOL You know, that might not be a bad idea, if I can come up with a username. I have a couple of plot bunnies nibbling at my brain still, too.