27 June 2009 @ 12:25 am
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I... have far too many, really. I think I'll have to go with "Man in
the Mirror". So many of his songs were touching and moving in so many
ways. "Beat It" brought together two real rival gangs for the video,
"Black or White" shattered racial barriers and promoted love free of
skin color prejudices, no one will ever forget the epicness of
"Thriller" or "Ghost", "Ben" broke everyone's heart with the raw
emotion, songs like "I'll Be There" and "You Are Not Alone" will
forever remain in our hearts, the collaboration with the great Quincy
Jones and so many other great artists for "We Are the World" will
always remain one of the greatest fund-raising images in history.

The man was just... a genius and so far beyond what we come to think
of a "superstar" as being that, love him or hate him, you cannot deny
his talent, nor that he was taken from us far too soon. We all laughed
at, or even made, jokes about him towards the end. But the fact remains
that he was a living legend who gave his childhood, his life, for his
fans. He was an icon of an era, a fixture in so many of our lives, no
matter what part of the world you were from. He touched the lives of
everyone, over five generations.

To those who want to continue to make the off-color remarks about him,
I'd just like to say: What ever happened to respect for the dead? Or,
at the very least, respect for those of us who were touched by him, but
are left behind? Grow up, seriously.

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R.I.P. MJ... May you finally find the peace in death that we never
allowed you in life.

You and I should make a pact.
We must bring salvation back.
Where there is love,
I'll be there.
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