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Dee ([personal profile] colorless_landscape) wrote2009-03-30 10:41 am


This isn't directed at anyone on my flist, but to address the random people that have added me recently. This journal is friends only for a reason. I do NOT add people just because they add me first. It's really not that hard to understand, I don't think. But just to make it clear...


1. You haven't replied to my friends only post
2. We have no common interests
3. U tYpE LiEk DiS... I don't have the patience to break my brain trying to decipher such nonsense.
4. You are only interested in my fics. My fics are never locked, so there's no reason for me to add people simply for that reason.
5. You are only adding me simply because we have a friend in common, unless you honestly want to get to know ME.


1. You have replied to my friends only post
2. We have common interests (preferably more than just fandoms, but fandoms are a good start, too... some of my best friends have been met through fandoms)

If you add me without either of those, chances are, even if I recognize your username, I'm not going to add you back. Is that being a bitch? Maybe so, but my journal, my prerogative.

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