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Meet the Parents [yaoi; PG; hide/HYDE]

Title: Meet the Parents
Author: colorless_landscape
Chapter: One-shot
Rating: PG
Pairing: hide/HYDE
Warnings: angst, slight fluff?
Genre: RP-based, AU
Prompt: “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” - Anthony Brandt
Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own these boys, only 1/3 of the orginal characters (the children) :P; I just like to take them out on occasion and play with them.
Author's Note: Birthday pressie for my darling Miha ([ profile] _defyingtheodds); based on an AU RPG so don't go sending the hounds after me! sort of a companion fic, but can also be read as a stand-alone, to (in sorta chronological order):
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The quiet cemetery seemed the least likely place for a family outing. And yet, there they stood before the twin gravestones marking the twin pristine graves. Fresh lilies rested between the headstones, placed there only moments before by the small girl now holding the hand of the smaller of the two men. In the man's other arm was a small bundle matching the identical bundle held by the taller, pink-haired man on his other side whose free arm was wrapped around the smaller man's waist.

Sumire looked up at her fathers, watching the smaller of the two men, her Papa, closely. She'd only been to visit her grandparents' graves with him once before, on his birthday. Even at only 9-years-old, she could see how much it still hurt her Papa that his parents weren't there to share in his joys. In fact, the "small bundles" were the reason they were here today, to "introduce" her infant twin brothers to their grandparents.

They stood like that for several long moments in silence before the smaller man knelt down before the graves. When he spoke, his voice was quiet and hoarse with emotion. "Papa, Mama," he began, reverting back to the names he'd called his parents as a child himself, "there's someone I'd like you to meet."

"You already met hide and Sumire-chan, but," Hyde shifted the baby in his arms, "these are your grandsons. This is Haruto," he continued, nodding at the infant he was holding, "and the one hide is holding is Haruki. I wish you could see them," he added, feeling hide's hand rest on his shoulder and Sumire's arms wind around his shoulders as he felt the first pinpricks of tears that he didn't even try to hide or hold back. It was no secret how much the loss of his parents had devastated him, still did.

"I know you would have loved them, and that they would have loved you both just as much. I never realized just how much it took for you guys to care for me until we had our own. hide says I'm the mom between us, and... maybe he's right," Hyde smiled through his tears even as he felt his husband's hand tighten on his shoulder. "I'm the one that worries over every little cough or sneeze and makes sure everything is just so for all three of the little ones." A wet chuckle broke through the tears as he heard Sumire huff at being referred to as one of "the little ones".

"Don't let him fool you, though. He's almost as bad. For all his worries he expressed in his letter to you, Mama, he's a great father, and a wonderful husband. He does everything he can to make sure that we're all taken care of, and never really gives more than a token complaint if I need his help with the kids or the housework."

Hyde paused a moment to press a kiss to his palm and then to each gravestone. "Thank you both for raising me, and for giving me such wonderful examples on how to be a good parent."

Hyde stood then, making a deep bow to each grave before they turned to walk away, hide's arm finding its way around his waist again as Sumire took his free hand in hers. An odd family they might be, but not a one of them had any doubt that family was what they were, bloodlines be damned.

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I wish I could say more but I could SO picture this scene and it's just so sweet!

Thank you so much for writing this, though you really didn't have to. xD;; I feel so unworthy~!

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I so could, too. I think with Sumire, Hyde got a taste of what his parents sacrificed and endure, but so much more so with the boys. He was incredibly close with his parents, and I think he's come to appreciate them even more now. I have no doubt that he'd want to introduce the newest family members to them. ^^;

Maybe I didn't HAVE to, but I WANTED to. You do so much for me, even without realizing it. ♥ You deserve this and so much more, just for being you. *nods* ^^

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They may look like an odd family but...I can't see Sumire or the boys being unhappy about it. ^^

You make it sound like I've done way too many amazing things, but I'm not like that. ♥ Thank you so much! I really love this fic! :D

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I can't either. Unconventional, they might be, but the love between them is almost palpable. ^^

Because, to me, you have. *nods* ♥